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Report By: SanjayaPatra
Resentment of minority Christian on Kandhamal “Danga” found in Thai Indian website

While the Kandhamal danga coming to normal few Christian based NGO and church fathers have shown their resentment in a website called these pe4ople have constituted a forum named named National people’s Tribunal i.e. “NPT” a Proxy Tribunal this proxy Tribunal headed by a retired chief Justice of Delhi H/C named Ranjendra Sachar Consisting a number of 15 law experts & members of jury it tried the cases of victims of Kandhamal violent taken place in 2008. 124 witnesses were examined. The Tribunal followed the judicial procedure. It has pronounced its verdict on 24 August which is not traceable in the said website. Views expressed by many have germinated reaction in the minds of V.H.P & B.J.P office bearers of Kandhamal. Another N.S.O known as N.S.F National solidarity Forum which held the N.P.T to make post-mortem to the violence unleashed by the right wing Hindu activists against Christians. Forty three (43) cases were related to violence.

N.S.F’s Odisha Co-ordinator Dhirendra Panda planned to give a report on the verdicts the Excellency the President of India & to Prime Minister many Social activities planned demonstrations by student and the trade union organization of left parties.
Prominent lyricist javed akhtar had to inaugurate an exhibition of articles and painting from this violence stricken areas in Orissa.

Addressing the media person’s secretary general of NGO national dalit movement justice R.Prasad told people think that Kandhamal violence was past but this was not true. He urged Kandhamal carnage was results of incidents of violence that ware taking place regularly in the eighties.

One Paul divikar Gen-secy of NGO dalit Arthur Adhikar Andolon revealed that the saffron backlash was aimed at suppressing the tribal’s assertion of their economic right.

Further he said it was not violence against the Christian but against the Dalits seething their distinct space in society . The janabikasha director Ajaya singh narrated the magnitude of Kandhamal brutalities. He said that of the 3,400 complaints’ that were lodged, cases were registered only in respect of 800 . he suspected the prosecution that two fast track courts were trying the cases of violence ,the conviction rate was poor. Out of 12 cases conviction took place in one case only.
Lyrist Javed Akhtar supporting the meet said that incidents such as the kandhamal carnage against religious minorities continue to happen with alarm frequency in India. As citizen of the democracy , we should hang our heads in shame. He said the survivors shred their tales of horror and the object failure of the state machine to protect them.

One kanaklata nayak whose husband was killed by goons allegedly from the Bajrang dal led by local politicians said despite filing a case with the police and deposing before the court the criminals were immediately given boil and now continue to room free,often intimidating me.

Father Ajaya kumar singh being a victim of violence, spoke about the emergence of right wing forces in Orissa while Archbishop of Cuttack Raphael cheenath said how people constitutional right to freedom of religion was violated in Kandhamal dalits and tribal’s of Kandhamal gave details of killings and rapes and the destruction of churches and other properties.

While trying the violence cases the jury members with A.P Saha ( Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court ) during deposition he raised several questions to assess the response of the police and the judiciary of Orissa.

At least 26 people were killed and more than 25000 Christians fled their houses were attacked by rampaging mobs and who held of Christian community their responsible for swami killing although police blame Maoist.

The V.H.P state Asst. Secretary Sri Priyanath Sharma and B.J.P Secretary Kandhamal Sri Bhagaban Mohanty (Advocate) reacted to the statement found in and said this is illogical, advertent and imaginary. The N.G.O and N.S.F and N.P.T lack of facts and finding. Firstly N.P.T is a proxy Tribunal trial by an N.G.O is a mockery to the sactity to Judiciary and democracy. Exaggeration of incident are their danga situation does not prevail any more normally has come. Conviction has been made in two cases the violence was not against Dalits. Saffron backslash has never been a bar to the economic right of Tribal violence taking place regularly in the state last eighties is not at all time.

Such remarks may attract an atmosphere of past said Bhagaban Mohanty.

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